Our Vision

Our vision is to be a company that best meets customer expectations on the basis of developing, up-to-date technologies and renewable energy for the environment.



Our mission is to ensure customer satisfaction and meet global standards by providing professional service in our field.

About US

  • KHN Minerals was established in 2019 to carry out industrial minerals (Barite, Calcite, Kaolin,Talc) activities.
  • KHN Minerals central Office is in İstanbul and factory is located in Sakarya , Main mines are in Konya ans Isparta.
  • KHN Minerals has more than 50 personels.

Strict quality control in the production process provides product consistency to our customers. But we do not stop here. As KHN Minerals, we are a company which prioritize to serve the changing needs of our customers by discovering the new ideas and adapting to innovative technologies.

KHN Minerals is the organization which produces the Barium Sulphate.  Barium sulfate is a chemically inert, high-density mineral with a low surface area. İn order to diversify an ever-expanding range of applications, KHN Minerals offers  products containing high purity Barium Sulphate which is providing high gloss, medium gloss and low gloss Barium Sulphate product lines. KHN Minerals also offers API barite options for drilling fluid applications.

Our mine possesses high purity Barium Sulphate mineral reserves within the borders of Konya. We have the selective mining works and process for high purity of barite which is ready to micronized grinding in our factory to satisfy the customer demands.


  • KHN Minerals operates a mine with quality barite mineral reserves in the Konya-Doğanhisar region with all permits obtained and an operating permit of 1941 hectares (license is valid until 2031 and can be extended).

  • In addition, KHN Minerals has 2 separate barite mine licenses with quality reserves in the Isparta-Yalvaç region. These licenses are valid until 2029 and can be extended. (mine areas are 1800 hectares and 1300 hectares
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