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Baryte Mining

Baryte Mining

Baryte is a mineral consisting of barium sulfate

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100% Equipped

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Uses of Baryte

Oil and Gas Industry Uses of Baryte

69–77 percent of baryte is employed as a weighing ingredient for drilling fluids in oil and gas exploration across the world.

Oxygen and Sulfur Isotopic Analysis

Due to the presence of oxygen in baryte, systematics in the 18O of these sediments have been utilized to limit paleotemperatures for the oceanic crust.

Baryte Usage in Paint Production

High purity, non-abrasive, especially due to low SiO2 content; Our Barium Sulphate products, which have high whiteness due to the low Fe2O3 content they contain, are produced in our micronized grinding facilities in different micron sizes and offered to our customers.

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